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statement and biography

I look for both beauty and humor in the urban landscape. Beginning with my photographs, I capture the composition and then render the image into a working drawing. I use traditional materials such as blown and machine rolled glass, lead came and copper foil, and apply the techniques of sandblasting, vitreous paints and enamels to add details and dimension.

Stained glass is often viewed narrowly as a religious or decorative art form, or merely relegated to the realm of craft. I challenge these notions by using glass as a means to create work that communicates on multiple levels, encompassing formal conceptual and narrative elements.

I want to create an "ah-hah" moment, to surprise the viewers and pull them closer to the materials and subject matter.

nancy nicholson is an artist with almost 30 years of experience working in stained glass. Her work combines a fine art sensibility with broad technical experience and craftsmanship. Nancy’s signature work is an ongoing series of cityscape panels that explores the layering of light, color and dynamic forms of the urban environment.

In addition to her cityscapes, Nancy has designed both traditional and contemporary panels for numerous environments including private homes, corporate offices, restaurants and schools.