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These panels originate from my photographs. They are created with hand blown and machine made glass, vitreous paints (hand painted and fired in a kiln for permanence), lead and copper foil. They are one of a kind works of art that can be suspended in a window, installed into an architectural opening, allowing the natural light to illuminate them, or framed in a light box and mounted on a wall. The light pieces are designed for a table setting and provide and ambiant light. Custom Work is also available.

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Waiting For Spring (Triptych)
Looking West #1
Looking West #2
East Village Sunset
East Village Scene
Hardware, Paints
Park N' Lock #2
Winter Afternoon
Maple Abstract 1
Maple Abstract 2
Park Slope
Construction #3
Construction #4
New Yorker Hotel
Construction #1
Construction #2
Wood, Brick, Steel
Fire Escape Study
From Above
Bryant Park #1
* Work Sold:    
This Way, That Way
It's all in the details
Tree Abstract 2
Tree Abstract 1
Townhouse Light
12th Floor
Windows Light
No Parking in Driveway
*Shadow and Light II
*Panoramic Light
*Cooper Square
*Old Friends
*Copper Turret
*Park N' Lock
*Don't Block the Box
*Taxi / Park
*Brownstone Light
*Dusk in Midtown
*5:00 PM
*Downtown I
*Gray Day
*Panorama Light
*Downtown II
*Ode to Sheeler
*Cross-town Sunset
*Share the Road
*Boston Scene
*Study: Red. Gray, Blue
*Boston Sklyline Light
*Three Rock Doves
*Gold Dust
*Nothing Better To Do
*Late Afternoon
*Sitting II
*No Standing
*Green Light
*Afternoon Shadow
*Tree Shadows
*Shadow and Light
*Street Light
*Magic Hour
*17th & Broadway (NW Corner)
*Manhattan Rooftops
*Fire Escape
*Near and Far
*Pink Light
*Across the Lot
*Corner Detail
*Orange Light
*Side Street (Boston)
*Downtown Crossing (Boston)
*Rogers Jewelers
*Looking North on 23rd Street
*17th and Park
*Study: Glass, Stone, Wood
*West Street (Boston)

*Nesting Towers

*Shadow I
*Shadow II

*Big Sky

*The View Outside

*South Street

*Corner of 17th & Broadway

*Brooklyn Rooftops

*A Corner in Manhattan

*Crossing 22nd Street

*Panels marked by an asterisk have been sold.