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Completed Projects - Click on images to enlarge.

Commission for Residence in South Bend Indiana. Several painted medallions depicting various flora, fuana and medeival legends.
Four Seasons, Cabinet Doors, Dallas, TX approx. 13" x 36" each.
Gardenia with Dragonfly, 14" x 17"
Sea Grape Leaves, Two Transom Panels, 71" x 11" St John, USVI
Cherry Blossom Triptych, 30" x 6", Silver Spring, MD

Philadelphia Architecture, Two Panels, 26" x 82" Philadelphia Residence

Paramount Theater, 20" x 50", Boston, MA Residence

Victorian Bird Panel, Provincetown, MA Residence

New York Cityscape , New Jersey Residence
Industry Panel, 24" x 19", Pennsylvania Residence

Tree Panel, Manhattan, NY Residence

Capitol Hill Scene, Washington, DC Residence

Society Hill Scene Light Piece, Cherry Hill

New Jersey Residence

Tribeca Scene, Belmont, MA Residence

Bird Panel, Brookline, MA Residence

Landscape with Morning Glories, Charlestown, MA Residence

Silhouetted Trees, Chevy Chase, MD Residence

Japanese Maple, Lexington, MA Residence

Sailing Panel, Stone Harbor, NJ Residence

Boston Monuments, Charlestown, MA Residence

Pumping Station, Brooklyn Heights, NY Residence

West Village, Manhattan, NY Residence
Boston's Chinatown, Brookline, MA Residence
Mendham NJ Residence - Family Portrait Series - Five Panels

Chattanooga, TN Residence- Commission for private residence in the Bluff View Arts District, depicting Flora and Fauna of the Tennessee landscape.

Trinity Church, Boston
Washington Square, NY Residence
Maine Camp
East Village
Winter Landscape
Portrait of William Shakespeare
Upper East Side
Wisteria in Landsacape
Il Corallo Trattoria
fruit panels
street scene
Avenue Q
Longfellow Bridge, Cambridge, MA
Tribute to Boston Garden
Kitchen Cabinets
Cambridge Brewing Company
Dedication Window
Beach Glass Nugget
Waterfront, New Bedford, MA
Morning Glories